8 EASY steps to optimize your Shopify SEO to TOP 1
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8 EASY steps to optimize your Shopify SEO to TOP 1

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, plays an essential part in E-commerce nowadays. There is no doubt that optimizing your Shopify store for search engines like Google is a must for helping potential customers to discover your site. Many tenets of Shopify SEO optimization are based on providing users with positive experiences. The easier it is to discover and use your Shopify store, the more likely people are to shop with you. Hereby, we would like to suggest 8 easy steps to help your Shopify store’s SEO to top 1.

1. Do keyword research to find the types of keywords that customers are searching for
First, let’s try to get to know about keywords. Basically, keywords are words and phrases that you usually type in search engines such as Google, Firefox, Bing, etc., before you press “Enter” to see the search results. The keywords typed in search engines indicate the users’ search intents. If you choose the right keywords containing the users’ intention to purchase products, you can reach out to the right customers with high shopping demand, thus increasing conversion rates when visitors turn into shoppers, which is mostly important in e-commerce.
Keyword research is the process of understanding how your target customers use words and phrases to search for your products or services on the search engines. Keyword research consists of analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing the best keyword options for your website.
Keyword research is considered the most effective way to resonate what customers are typing into search engines. You need to know how to do keyword research to avoid creating contents about your products or services that no one on Earth is searching for. Besides, keyword research facilitates you not to target keywords that are too difficult to rank high and using these keywords shall not make your sites appear on page one among many pages in the search results. The importance of keyword research is huge when it guides you to choose and target keywords which are not too difficult to rank for, have decent search volume and possibly bring about high conversion rates.
1.1. Use Google for finding trending keywords
Google will be your good friend in the search of trending keywords. In 2006, Google launched Google Trends which provides data and graphs on how popular specific searches are on Google and YouTube. You can use a mix of Google Keyword’s Planner and Google Trends to narrow down your list with qualitative keywords that are on trend.
Keyword Planner assists you to attain an estimated value of search volume and traffic for the keywords you are considering to insert into your list of keywords; whereas Google Trends is a useful tool for you to determine which terms are trending upward, and are thus you can focus on those terms more than others.
1.2. Have a list of keywords through your competitors

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Nguồn: //www.techrum.vn/threads/8-easy-steps-to-optimize-your-shopify-seo-to-top-1.376641/

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